Humanitarian Reality in Colombia. Building solidarity for Human Rights Defenders.

We, Citizen Diplomacy 05-A, are a group of Colombians living in the Netherlands convinced that the only way for our country to move forward is by following a path to peace. Currently, Colombia’s reality is adverse, human rights defenders are being systematically assassinated. Only during 2019, more than 155 community leaders have been murdered and in the past 10 years, more than 870 human right defenders have been killed.

In the previous months, in order to draw the international community’s attention, we organised a peaceful protest. On march 5th of 2019, more than 800 Colombians from around Europe walked from the Colombian Embassy to the International Criminal Court (ICC) and united their voices in a call for justice.

In this occasion, we would like to invite you to our event at The Hague Humanity Hub on October 29 at 18:00 hours. Our event goal is to make public the situation that social leaders are undergoing in Colombia. For the program we have invited three social leaders and human rights defenders, (that are currently in Europe under Humanitarian Shelter), to share with the international community the struggles they are facing.

On behalf of all the Citizen Diplomacy 05-A team, we look forward to have you at the event.

Sincerely yours,


Citizen Diplomacy 05-A

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