Create Support Networks

We focus on two types of networks: social/institutional, and parliamentary. The first of these networks is made up of Colombian residents and European citizens from 8 countries (Spain, France, Belgium, Germany, Switzerland, Norway, United Kingdom and the Netherlands) who came together through a protest on April 5, 2019 before the International Criminal Court against the systematic murder of human rights defenders and social leaders in Colombia. The purposes of this network includes a) to assist in the identification of threatened human rights defenders in need of immediate protection, b) to manage resources for the transfer and reception of threatened persons, c) to provide accompaniment to social leaders during the periods of stay in Europe, d) to establish institutional and social contacts related to the profiles of the needs of each of the leaders who come to Europe and e) to manage the logistics necessary to strengthen the capacities of social leaders during their stay in Europe.

The parliamentary network is an intermediate result and, to a certain extent, a product of the management of the previous network. Its importance lies in four aspects: capacity for diplomatic pressure; capacity for visibility; capacity for business lobbying; and greater effectiveness of protection possibilities.